Exploration Leads to Discovery
Discovery Leads to Research
Research Leads to Education
The ADM Exploration Foundation is dedicated to the continued education of environmental, scientific and archeological discoveries.
Mission Statement
  Our purpose is to further the knowledge and understanding of history and science through the exploration, research and documentation beneath the water.
Archaeological Exploration

Two thirds of the world’s surface is submerged. Much of the world’s history lies hidden beneath the water. From oceans to submerged caves, the vastness of history is undiscovered and unexplored. The ADM Foundation is established to facilitate the discovery, exploration and documentation of sites of historical significance around the world.

Areas of exploration cover a wide spectrum but must include the chance of making significant historical or archaeological discoveries and must be located in areas remote from normal underwater diving activities making them difficult to access.

Scientific Exploration
  Most of the world’s recently identified plant and animal life have been discovered in isolated locations. The ADM Foundation is committed to the continued support and research of remote locations for the purpose of identifying new species of plants and animals and monitoring existing species.

As the world faces growing ecological and environmental threats there is a greater need for scientific exploration to promote diversity.

Continued Education

Exploration leads to discovery. Discovery leads to research. Research leads to continued education.

The ADM Foundation is dedicated to the continued education of environmental, scientific, and archeological discoveries. Team members are often key note speakers during conference and scientific events along with authors of countless editorials and video documentaries.

Exploration Support
  The ADM Foundation will organize and execute exploration missions and expeditions as well as support archaeological and scientific exploration through grant funding.